Chinese parents interested in Finnish nature and science summer camps

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The Chinese parents that we talked to were particularly interested in Finnish nature and culture. Photo: Pixabay

Upon request from one of our members, Finn-Sino Education Club asked parents from around China what they would like their children to learn at a summer camp in Finland.  

Finnish culture and local teaching methods, nature, science and coding were among the topics that came up. You can, however, read all the answers below. 

Local culture and new friends 
“I would like my child to study and play with local kids to learn the local culture. To me, safety is very important.” 
– Chinese parent of a 10-year-old 

“It would be great for my kid to study with local kids and see what kinds of classes and activities local kids do daily.” 
– Chinese parent of an 11-year-old 

“I would like my kid to learn about Finnish culture; some simple Finnish words, baking, forest exploration and knowledge about Santa.”
– Chinese parent of a 6-year-old 

“I am interested in natural science and art-related camps. It could be good if also Finnish kids and maybe families would attend, so my kids would get to communicate with locals. Together, they could learn about Finnish culture, and perhaps they could go to Finnish homes and make local friends. 
As to the curriculum, it could be interesting for my kids to attend a normal Finnish class for a day or two. Finnish primary schools have a different approach to handicrafts, computers and music, I think. It would be great to see how local kids study.” 
– Chinese parent of a 4-year-old and a 10-year-old 

Independence and social skills 
“I would like to improve my kid’s language skills and independent. To see a different world and culture would be great.” 
– Chinese parent of a 10-year-old 

“Travelling can cultivate team awareness, but also help my child learn how to get along with others in society.”
– Chinese parent of a 13-year-old 

Nature, science and sports 
“My kid is interested in sports, such as football and ice hockey. I’d also like him to learn about farming!” 
– Chinese parent of an 8-year-old 

“I am interested in camps related to science and nature.” 
– Chinese parent of a 9-year-old

“I think it is very good to join camps during holidays. This way, we can broaden our kids’ views and also strengthen their social abilities. If joining a Finnish summer camp, we might be interested in natural courses and coding, because this is something that Finland is famous for. “ 
– Chinese parent of a 4-year-old

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