Finn-Sino Culture,
Education & Technology Exchange Ry

Bridge between Finland and China

Finn-Sino Culture, Education & Technology Exchange Ry is a non-profit organization registered in Finland in 2005. The aim of the association is to strengthen cultural, educational, and technological exchanges and cooperation between Finland and China. Finn-Sino Ry provides a platform for cooperation and a channel for information exchange. The association is financially supported by Finnish education export company Sumino Ltd. specialized in operating in the Chinese market.

As an important Chinese education, scientific and technological exchanger, Finn-Sino strives to build an effective platform for cross-cultural dialogue among the members and share advice and information that is helpful to the members and businesses. Finn-Sino association has established long-term and effective contacts and cooperative relations with government agencies, academic organizations and enterprises both in Finland and China.

Finn-Sino Education Club operates as one of the branches of the association, focused on promoting the education resources between Finland and China. Finn-Sino Education club operates under Sumino Oy.


An Active Event Organizer

In order to enhance the friendship and exchanges between the two countries, Finn-Sino has actively organized a number of high-level cross-border cultural performances and exhibitions, business exchanges and short-term training projects over the years. Through different types of activities, mutual understanding and exchanges between Finnish and Chinese talents and enterprises will be enhanced and more cross-cultural cooperation will be promoted.

Finn-Sino association is also actively exploring new ideas, innovations and solutions to help enterprises to cooperate more efficiently and successfully. The activities of the association may be initiated by the members of Finn-Sino with the approval of the Board of Finn-Sino.


Renowned Collaborators

In Finland, the association collaborates with two major government organizations, Business Finland and Business Tampere, particularly in the area on technological innovations.

The aim of the association is to explore a new management model between the Finnish Government and member enterprises, to build a new platform for the services and create a good external environment. The association’s role is to act as a link between government and enterprise interaction for its member enterprises and provide a functional role of advice and platform for learning and exchange.

Since 2005, Finn-Sino association has organized numerous events both in Finland and abroad. In the videos below we have collected some of the best memories over the years.

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