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Chinese Elderly Care Teachers Learn From Their Finnish Colleagues

A group of teachers from Chinese vocational colleges will over the course of the next year participate in training conducted by their Finnish colleagues. Read the full story here

Nature’s Role In Finnish Schools Amazes Chinese Mother

“I think the basic education here is as close to perfect, as you can come,” says Chinese CiCi, whose daughter attends primary school in Finland.. 
Read more about her experience with the ”perfect” Finnish school system here

“I Appreciate The Opportunity To Upgrade Myself In Finland”

Chinese CiCi had the chance to take a Master’s in Estonia and Sweden, but she chose Finland, because of the country’s image.
Read the full interview here

Free Teacher-Led Online Course: Chinese Language And Culture

Here’s an exceptional chance of studying Chinese language and culture live with a teacher. And to top it all off, it’s for free!
Learn more.

”Interview” With China’s Great Teacher Confucius

On September 28, 2021, China’s great teacher Confucius would have turned 2572! We bring  an interview with the birthday boy.

Inspiring Education Tour Around Finland

Sumino’s founder and CEO Lancy Jia just came back from a tour around Western and Central Finland.
Read more about what she learned!

More Great Tips For Cross-Cultural Communication

The best tips for better understanding across cultures from our followers on social media!

3 Tips For Better Cross-Cultural Communication

The way other people understand what you say is not only dependant on the language and words you use. 
Project manager at Sumino Oy Zheng Xu shares here his top tips for better cross-cultural communication.

Going To School In China Is Hard Work. Will New Reform Give More Room For Play?

During the summer holiday, the Chinese government has reformed the school system. But why is a reform needed? 
Learn more about Chinese education culture here.

Wanted: Products And Services For Finnish ECEC Cluster In China

Sumino is looking for innovative education products and services for an upcoming Finnish Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) Cluster in Jiujiang, on the southern shores of the Yangtze River in Northwest China.
Read more here.

Revolutionary Reform To Jump-Start New Chinese School Year

China’s new education policy aims to put an end to the vicious spiral of ever-growing loads of after-school tutoring and homework.  
Read more about China’s education revolution here

Study Path Of A Teacher In China

How do you become a teacher in China? Rui Yang, a Chinese teacher now living in Finland, gives us the answers.
Read the full story here.

How To Make It In China - Step 4: Find A Good Local Team

If you want your business in China to grow, you will need an excellent local team!
Read all the tips here.

How To Make It In China - Step 3: Localize Your Business Model

Understanding the local market is pivotal for education firms taking their business to China.  
Read here how to localize your business model for the Chinese market.

Paintings Wanted For Olympic Exhibition In Beijing

As part of the preparation for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics, the host city invites children from all over the world to create paintings for a major exhibition.
Read how to submit a painting.

How To Make It In China - Step 2: Localize Your Product

Are you ready to take the second step in direction of the Chinese education market? Lancy Jia, founder and CEO of Sumino, gives her tips on how to localize your product.
Read the full article here.

How To Make It In China - Step 1: Find The Right Partner

Finding the right Chinese business partner might be more important than finding your life partner, says Lancy Jia, founder and CEO of Sumino. 

Read here how to find the right partner in the Chinese education business.

Finnish Nature Education To Chinese Schools

Responsibility and sustainability will be among the most valued skills in the future, believes Kaisa Koskinen. She is now, in cooperation with Sumino, bringing Finnish nature education to China. 
Read the full article.

How Can Foreign Companies Enter The Chinese Education Market?

How do you find the right cooperation partner in a country with almost 1.4 billion people and the world’s largest education system? 

Read the full article.

New Department To Oversee China’s After-School Tutoring

China’s Ministry of Education has established a new department to weed out problematic operators from the lucrative market of after-school education and training programmes.
Read the full article.

What Makes Finland So Great? Here’s How To Answer That Question!

What exactly makes the Finnish way of life and education so good that they are worth exporting to the rest of the world? 

Next time someone asks you this question, simply show them this list

New Online Education Forum Connects Chinese And International Players

June 17 – 18, 2021, a new international event, called “Higher Education B2B Online Connect” takes place. 

Read the full article.

Chinese Schools Eager To Learn From Finnish Elderly Care Education

The newly-founded Sino-Finn Elderly Service Alliance could become a perfect arena for the exchange of experiences and best practices. That is at least the hope from some of the key personnel from Jiangsu Vocational Institute of Commerce (JVIC) in Nanjing, China.

Read the full interview here!

Chinese Parents Interested In Finnish Nature And Science Summer Camps

Upon request from one of our members, Finn-Sino Education Club asked parents from around China what they would like their children to learn at a summer camp in Finland.  

Read all the answers here.

Record 10.78m Students To Take Chinese College Entrance Exam In 2021

10.78 million students will attend the Chinese college entrance test, the gaokao (高考), this year. The number marks a slight increase from 10.71 million last year. 

Read the full article.

China’s Five-Year Plan Opens Doors For Finnish Education Exporters

There will be plenty of opportunities for Finnish companies in China during the next five years! That is the ultra-short summary of the presentations at the Finn-Sino Education Club’s first webinar, which took place on Monday 20, 2021.

Read the full story and watch the webinar recording!

China’s Five-Year Plan For 2021 – 2025 Could Help Reach Sustainable Development Goal For Education​

China’s 14th Five-Year Plan, mapping goals and strategies for the years 2021 – 2025, highlights better education for all. 
Read the full article.

China’s Investments In Education Grew To Almost 679 Billion Euro In 2020

In 2020, China’s total expenditure on education was 5301.4 billion yuan (678.7 billion euro). That is an increase of 5.65% over the previous year. 
Read the full article.

New Alliance With China Paves The Way For Export Of Finnish Elderly Care Education

Monday, a big step was taken in Finnish-Chinese education cooperation, as the Sino-Finn Elderly Service Alliance was founded. 

Read the full article.

In China, Mothers Have To Worry About Education Too

Motherhood in China is much more than just feeding, dressing and comforting your children.  

Read the full article.

New Guidelines Prohibit Chinese Parents From Correcting Homework

Less, but better. Those are – in short – the new guidelines for homework, recently issued by the Chinese Ministry of Education.  

Read the full article.

Boom In Demand For Children’s Art Education In China

Art education is on the rise in China. Once seen as “dispensable”, art education is now viewed upon as a “just need” by the central government.

Read the full article.

Chinese Families Want To Spend More On Education In 2021

Education and training consumption in China increased significantly in 2020 and is expected to continue growing this year.

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Forecast: China’s Education Consumption To Double In 10 Years

In 2030, the size of the entire Chinese education industry is expected to double from now, reaching 1.66 trillion euros. 

Especially in the market for primary and secondary education (K-12), a surge is anticipated.  

Read the full article.

Plenty Of Opportunities For Finnish Education Players In Nanjing’s China-Finland Town

A new sustainable city demonstration project in Nanjing in East China presents a host of opportunities for the Finnish education sector.

Read the full article.

Finn-Sino Education Club Helps European Talents Into Chinese Universities

International talents dreaming about an academic career in China can now get help, free of charge, from the Finn-Sino Education Club.
The Club acts as a matchmaker between Chinese universities and talented overseas researchers.

China and Finland win UNESCO prize for use of artificial intelligence in education

UNESCO has awarded this year’s prize for ICT in education to the Chinese project “One College Student Per Village”, as well as to the collaborative education platform “ViLLE” from Finland. 

Both projects use artificial intelligence (AI) to counter the negative effects of schools being closed due to COVID-19.  
Read the full article.

Biggest Trends And Opportunities For Foreign Companies In Chinese Education Market In 2021

The need for and interest in international education remains high in China.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted several key educational trends that international education companies could take advantage of in the Chinese education market.

Read the full article.

How is China's Education Looking Like in 2035 – Country’s Modernisation Plan Towards Next Decade

In 2019, the Chinese State Council published two remarkable plans to drive continued reform in and advancement of China’s education sector, drawing on the range of preceding reforms since China’s opening in 1978.

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introduction to the Chinese Education System

For how many years do Chinese go to school? Who pays for education in China? What role do after

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