Finn-Sino Education Club helps European talents into Chinese universities

Are you ready to speed up your academic career in China? We might be able to help you – free of charge! Photo: wei zhu / Pixabay

International talents dreaming about an academic career in China can now get help, free of charge, from the Finn-Sino Education Club. The Club acts as a matchmaker between Chinese universities and talented researchers from the whole of Europe.

Academic matchmaking

Holders of a doctorate from any part of Europe can apply for academic positions in a host of Chinese universities, by sending their CV to the Finn-Sino Education Club.

The association will share the applicants’ profile with interesting universities in China in a search for the perfect match.

“We will find the right place for the talents from thousands – and soon tens of thousands – of universities in China,” explained Lancy Jia, chairman of the Finn-Sino association.

Although the association’s main purpose is to further exchange between Finland and China, this call for talents is open for any European resident with a doctoral degree.

Free for applicants

The service is free for applicants, and no prior experience with China or Chinese language skills are required. The universities will help with practical matters, such as accommodation in China.

“We are really excited about this opportunity,” Jia said. “It feels meaningful to support people, who are willing to and interested in working in China.”

Anyone, who has finished their doctoral studies and who are interested in pursuing an academic career in China, can send their CV to or contact the association for further information.