More great tips for cross-cultural communication

Photo: Pixabay

When Sumino’s project manager Zheng Xu shared his top tips for cross-cultural communication on social media, many of Sumino’s followers also shared their tips for successful communication across cultures. Thanks! 

Some of them were so good that they deserve their own article. 

So here you’ve got three more tips for successful cross-cultural communication: 

Avoid preconceptions and stereotypes, advised Sirpa Kiviharju 

Understand that your way of doing things in your culture is not the ”right way”.

There can be many ways of doing things and the result can be good even if it`s done differently than you are used to. Thanks to Kaisa Koskinen Koskinen for sharing this piece of advice. 

Be polite and listen…and listen… 

This commented came from Antti Isoviita, who also generously shared his 10-K principle. All 10 words start with the letter K in Finnish, but our loose translation is not that fancy, sorry! Anyway, here you go:  

  • Ask 
  • Listen 
  • Look 
  • Concentrate 
  • Talk – don’t sell 
  • Respect the other side 
  • Lighten up – with humour if necessary 
  • Compliment politely 
  • Repeat to avoid misunderstandings 
  • Say thanks 

Any tips to add? Let us know!