More information revealed for Suqian University Global Recruiting 2022

Suqian University (SQU) is a provincial public university enrolling full-time students. It’s located in Suqian, a culturally advanced model city at national level with a long history and pleasant living environment. Adjacent to the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal in the east and Ancient Yellow River in the west, opposite to the hometown of Xiang Wang (King of Xi Chu State), a national 4A level scenic spot, the university enjoys convenient transportation and beautiful scenery.

There are 9 schools with over 800 full-time faculty members, offering 43 majors in engineering, literature, science, art, education, management, economics, law, and agriculture for about 15,000 students. There is a large collection of 1.6 million paper volumes as well as 1.25 million E-books in the library. With 11 experimental centers that supervise 42 labs, the university invests a total value of 100 million Yuan of the teaching and scientific research equipment.

Adhering to an application-oriented education, the university actively integrates itself into the regional economic and social development and has established close ties with the local government and more than 100 enterprises and institutions, creating a multi-platform for applied research and social services. Targeted on high-quality development, SQU puts its primary focus on the cultivation of application-oriented undergraduates with career-required and all-round capabilities as well as innovative spirits. Recent years have witnessed a steady improvement in the cultivation of its talents.

In order to build a team of high-level professionals to meet the requirements of higher education in the new era, and strive for the establishment of an advanced university of applied technology, SQU sincerely invites talented persons and professionals both home and abroad to join us.

Pay and benefits for holder of a doctoral degree (Full-time faculty) (RMB Yuan)

CategoryHousing Subsidy / Settling-in AllowanceResearch Kick-off FundsSalaryTemporary housing/ Renting SubsidyOther
Science and EngineeringHumanities and Social Sciences
Holders of Doctoral DegreeA600,000 or above200,000-300,000150,000-250,000Paid according to the standard of associate professor or above.Provide renting subsidy of 2,000Yuan/monthProvide job opportunity for spouse.
B400,000 or above150,000-250,000100,000-200,000

Other: Based on the applicant’s academic achievements and promising potential, the final remuneration plan is negotiable (a flexible raise in the settling-in allowance). The settling-in allowance for applicants graduating from a world-renowned university can go up from ¥50,000 to ¥300,000.

Recruitment Information

Recruiting Department and ContactsNumber of Open PositionsDisciplines or SubjectsDegree Required
School of Management
Mr. Li: 0527-84202980
18805242819 or Mr. Xiao: 0527-84205009
24Theoretical Public Administration, Business Administration, Science and Engineering of Management, Economics, Applied Economics, Library Information and Archives Management, Sociology, Mathematics, Psychology, Computer Science and Technology, Traffic and Transport EngineeringPh.D
School of Sciences and Arts
Ms. Lu
34Chinese Language and Literature, Pedagogics, Psychology, Mathematics, Arts (Musicology, Dance, Fine Arts)Ph.D
School of Information Engineering
Mr. Zhang
Mrs. Wan
26Information and Communication Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Control Science and Engineering, Electronic Science and TechnologyPh.D
School of Civil Engineering
Mr. Zhu
18Civil Engineering, Mechanics, Surveying and Mapping Science and Technology, Geography, Science and Engineering of Management, Business Administration, Urban and Rural Planning, Architecture, Geography, Forestry (Landscape and Ornamental Horticulture)Ph.D
School of Foreign Studies
Mr. Wang
Mr. Guan
11English Language and Literature, Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Comparative Literature and World Literature, Japanese Language and LiteraturePh.D
School of Business
Mr. Yin
Tel: 0527-84203020
22Theoretical Economics, Applied Economics, Business Administration, Agriculture and Forestry Economics Management, Science and Engineering of Management, JurisprudencePh.D
School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
Mr.  Guo
Tel: 0527-84205508
18851242888 or Mr. Yang:
22 Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Science and Technology, Control Science and EngineeringPh.D
School of Arts and Media
Mr. Ma
Science of Communication, Art of Design (Advertising, Digital Media), Arts (Digital Media, Musicology), Dance Studies, Film Studies, Art of Radio and Television
School of Marxism
Mr. Li
16Philosophy, Marxist theory, Politics, Sociology, Ethnology, Theoretical Economics, Public Administration, HistoryPh.D
Department of Sports
Mrs. Yu
4Sports SciencePh.D
Personnel Department
Mr. Wu; Mr. Deng
5Physics, BiologyPh.D


  1. Applicants are required to register on ”Suqian University Talent Recruitment Website” and upload relevant information for the online preliminary qualification check.



            Qualified candidates are welcome to contact Mr. Wu or Mr. Deng at the Personnel Department or the staff of relevant schools in “Recruitment Information”.

  1. Applicants should provide the following documents:

            Photocopies of personal resumes, ID cards, academic and degree certificates at different levels, professional title certificates, materials of scientific research performance, etc. Candidates in the present graduating year are required to provide copies of employment recommendation forms and course grades.

Follow the official WeChat account and Send ”High-level Talents” for detailed information.