Plenty of opportunities for Finnish education players in Nanjing’s China-Finland town

Looking to the future: A China-Finland sustainable city demonstration project will be part of the planned Nanjing South New Town (photo is illustrative).
Photo: kevin dooley (CC BY 2.0)

A new sustainable city demonstration project in Nanjing in East China presents a host of opportunities for the Finnish education sector.

The Nanjing South New Town will be built as a China-Finland sustainable city demonstration project in the capital of the Jiangsu province.

According to Business Finland, the plan for the brand-new area includes 14 pre-school institutions, primary schools and international schools.

Nanjing South New Town, as well the Education authorities of Qinhuai District will support investments for the educational sector.

This spells business opportunity for Finnish educational organizations, platforms or companies dealing with preschool education, early childhood education, education technologies, basic education teachers’ training and the like.

Two schools are already under construction, the Nanjing Foreign Language School and Jiagang School, which include two kindergartens.

The project covers a 10 square kilometre area with all infrastructure developed from scratch, and culture and education will play a key role.

A China-Finland Cooperation and Communication Center will be established in the core area as a 6.53-hectare mixed-function building complex designed by the Finnish PES Architects.