Welcome To Join the Edu Club!

By joining Finn-Sino Education club you are connected with other education professionals, get exclusive information and participate in members-only webinars.

Each person will be provided unique login credentials for user recognition and communications. Fill in the details below and send your application for our approval. We will proceed it and get back with you soon!

Contact us if you have any questions related to Finn-Sino Education Club membership.


Annual Membership

Includes the following services:

Application for Finn-Sino Education Club Membership

Member Conditions of Finn-Sino Education Club

1. Finn-Sino Education Club operates under and is owned by Sumino Oy (Business ID: 2182408-4).

 2. Membership of the Education Club can be applied for by a Finnish company, educational institution or organization currently active and operating in the field of education and teaching. The Board of Finn-Sino processes membership applications and approves or rejects them at its discretion.

 3. The annual membership fee is € 99.00 and is paid by bank transfer when the application has been accepted by the Board of Finn-Sino. The membership fee is always paid once a year depending on when the member has officially joined the Education Club.

 After paying the membership fee, the member will receive a username and password via e-mail, which are working as a means of logging in to the Education Club members area.

 4. Education Club members are required to:

 – Appropriate and respectful language use on the Education Club membership platform

– Send a separate notification to Education Club’s customer service if there are changes in the member’s contact information

– Not to share member’s own personal username and password with third parties

– Use the information available in the member area only for the member’s own purposes

 5. The purpose of the Education Club is to promote the export of Finnish educational know-how to the Chinese market by offering its members versatile marketing and information services and tools for networking with other experts in the field for an annual membership fee.

Finn-Sino Education Club membership includes the following services:

– Business webinars on education export business in China

– A weekly overview including news, reports and market analysis from the Chinese education market

– Visibility for the company’s services and products at the iDEE Education Event in China

-Access to the official Discussion Forum of Finn-Sino Education Club.

The members can use the following services for an additional fee:

– Personal business consulting based on hourly fee

– Admission to the annual education and networking events organized by the Finn-Sino Education Club

6. Finn-Sino Education Club does not disclose any membership information to third parties without the member’s own consent. 

7. Membership in the Education Club may be terminated at any time by the member, but any membership fee already paid will not be refunded. The notice period for membership is one (1) month.

8. A member who has shut down its operations may be removed from the Education Club without notice. Failure to pay the membership fee and disregard of the resulting fee reminder (three weeks after the actual due date) will result in the member being suspended from the Finn-Sino Education Club.

The membership conditions listed in section four (4) and violation of all or part of them will result in (1.) a remark from the Board of Finn-Sino. If a member nevertheless continues to violate the membership conditions, the Board of Finn-Sino may issue a (2.) warning to the member. If the above-mentioned actions do not improve the member’s activities, the member (3.) may be dismissed by the decision of the Board of Finn-Sino.

9. The Company reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. In the event that any changes are made, the revised terms and conditions shall be posted on this website immediately.

The company also reserves the right to make any changes in event schedules and contents, publication schedules and availabity of contents and materials in the Finn-Sino online service.