Member Services

Education Business Webinars


Companies often find access to the Chinese education market challenging due to a lack of knowledge of local business culture and market needs.

The purpose of our webinars is to dispel this uncertainty and provide our members with reliable and current information on the Chinese education market presented by the industry experts.
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News And Reports From China

Finding relevant Chinese education news written in English online can be challenging and time consuming. We compile for our members a weekly collection of the most current news, reports and market research related to the education industry in China.

With our weekly review, our members are among the first to hear about the latest education policy regulations, decisions affecting education exports, and the current needs of the Chinese education market.

iDEE Education Event

One of China’s most significant educational events is the annual iDEE (International Digital Education Event) held in Hangzhou city every autumn.

The event brings together thousands of education authorities, principals, teachers and students from China and both visitors and exhibitors around the world to hear about the latest trends in digital education. In addition to Finland, international educational export companies from seven countries have been involved in the event.
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Personal Business Consultation


We have a strong knowledge of cross-cultural communication and extensive networks in provincial and governmental level both in China and Finland. Due to our strong expertise in the field of education export, we are happy to promote the Finnish education export companies to expand their business to China.

We offer our members diverse consulting services at all stages of trading in Finnish, English and Chinese. We have years of experience in integrating and localizing education export services to the Chinese market, as well as networks to find suitable partners and customers for different education companies and institutions. We are also happy to assist with various translations in all three languages.

Our business consultation services are based on an hourly fee. Contact us to get more detailed info about our consulting services!

Education Club
discussion Forum

On Education Club Forum, the members can discuss freely the Chinese education market, network with each other, share ideas and experiences about education exports in China, and ask questions about the education market.

On the Education Club forum, we will also announce the content of our upcoming webinars as well as all the other upcoming events of Finn-Sino Education club. From this page, you can also find all the international events related to trading in China.

Annual Club Activities


In trade with the Chinese, networks are very essential in order to run the business smoothly.

We organize a number of events for Education Club members each year, enabling networking with Finnish and Chinese operators, authorities and business representatives in the field of education. The primary purpose of the events is to strengthen intercultural educational exchanges and establish new customer- and partnerships.

Every November, the association organizes an annual gala event in Helsinki, which purpose is bringing together Finnish and Chinese working in the field of education. The event is the only one of its kind in Finland uniting Finnish and Chinese actors in the field of education with official speeches, professional discussions, networking opportunities and other interesting activities.