Step-by-step guide: How to make it in China

Step 4: Find a good local team 

A capable local team makes it possible to operate in China in an efficient and dynamic manner.
Photo: mohamed Hassan / Pixabay

If you want your business in China to grow, you will need an excellent local team! 

When you have found the right Chinese partner, and you have localized your product and localized your business model, it is time to recruit a good local team.  

Without implementation your plans are nearly worthless, says Lancy Jia.

A dynamic and efficient team  

“This step is extremely important for the implementation efficiency,” said Lancy Jia. She is the founder and CEO of Sumino Oy, a Finnish company specializing in educational content integration and localization into the Chinese market and other markets in Asia. 

“If you want to grow in China, it is difficult to control your operations remotely,” Jia explained, adding that “It is possible, but it is not the most dynamic or efficient way. In that regard, a local team is always better.” 

Jia knows this from her own experience too, as Sumino has employees in both Finland and China. 

Good partner essential when recruiting 

For a European company with only a few contacts in China, recruiting a capable team is not an easy quest, however.  

“Recruiting is always complicated,” Jia admitted. She advised asking your Chinese partner for help.  

“And then we come back to the importance of the local partner. With the right partner, everything goes smoothly.” 

So, make sure to read about finding the right partner, before you consider hiring a local team!  

Good luck! 

This is the fourth and final article in our step-by-step guide on entering the Chinese education market.  

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