Suqian University Global Recruiting

Suqian University (SQU) is a young public university located in Suqian, Jiangsu Province. There are nine schools with over 700 full-time faculty members, offering 43 majors for 14,800 students covering engineering, literature, science, arts, pedagogics, management, economics, law, and agriculture. The university invests 100 million Chinese Yuan in the teaching and scientific research equipment, owning 11 experimental centers supervising more than 110 labs.

Suqian university sincerely welcomes talented scholars, researchers, and professionals from oversea countries. The university offers full-time Teaching-Track Faculty Position with competitive salary and benefits, as well as the excellent academic atmosphere and the unique growth opportunity.

Candidates' Qualifications

Education: Doctoral Degree

Experience: Overseas studying/researching experience

No limitations on age, gender, nationality and major.

Salaries and Benefits

The currency is Chinese Yuan.
Category Housing Subsidy / Settling-in Allowance Research Kick-off Funds Salary Temporary housing/ Renting Subsidy Other
Science and Engineering Humanities and Social Sciences
Holders of Doctoral Degree A 600000-1000000 200000-300000 150000-250000 Paid according to the standard of associate professor or above. Provide temporary housing or renting subsidy of 2000/month Provide job opportunity for spouse and recommend school for offspring.
B 400000-600000 150000-250000 100000-200000
Other: In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, applicants with a post-doctoral position or overseas experience (more than 1 year) are entitled to a flexible raise in the settling-in allowance. Based on the applicant’s academic achievements and development potential, the remuneration for outstanding young talents is negotiable in interview.


  1. Applicants are encouraged to register on ”Suqian University Talent Recruitment Website” and upload relevant information for the online of preliminary qualification examination.


    Tel:+86-527-84202303 / 84202683

    Qualified candidates are welcomed to contact Mr. Wu or Mr. Xiao of the Personnel Department or to seek direct contact with the staff of relevant schools in Suqian University.
  1. Applicants should provide the following documents: 

    Photocopies of personal resumes, ID cards, academic and degree certificates at different levels, professional title certificates, materials of scientific research performance, etc. Candidates in the present graduating year are required to provide copies of employment recommendation forms and course grades.


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Send ”High-level Talents” text message to download a talent information sheet.