Chinese University Opens the first Talent Exchange Center in Finland

On Jan 18th, 2022, an online ceremony was held by Sumino to celebrate the opening of the Overseas Talents Exchange and Service Center of China University of Mining and Technology.

This is the first Talents Exchange and Service Center set up by a Chinese university in Finland. The mission of the center is to attract the high-level overseas talents to work in the Chinese university for a long-time tenure-track faculty position.

China University of Mining and Technology (CUMT) has a history since 1909. The campus is located at Xuzhou, Jiangsu province. There are around 38000 students and 3200 staffs in the campus. CUMT’s strength subjects are mining engineering, safety engineering, surveying and mapping science and technology, geological resources and geological engineering. The mining engineering subject ranks 19th in the world and No. 1 in China. Eight disciplines including engineering, earth science, materials science, chemistry, mathematics, environment and ecology, computer science and social sciences are ranked in the top 1% of global universities and research institutions.

Depending on the candidates’ academic performance, CUMT offers different positions, e.g. lecture, researcher and professor. The salary and the financial support for the researchers and professors shall be discussed case by case.  

Sumino Oy will take care of the daily operation of the center and keep close contact with the Finnish universities and HR consulting companies to attract qualified talents from the Nordic countries. The open application could be also sent to