Looking For Young, International Talents!

Renowned Chinese University of Soochow is holding a Forum for International Young Talents online on Friday 15th of April.

The Forum aims to provide a platform for young scholars from both home and abroad to promote communication and collaboration focusing on the frontiers of research, and to broaden horizons and promote innovation and cross-discipline research through academic conferences and seminars.

Who is it for?

Welcome to join the Forum if you are under 40-years-old, holder of a doctorate degree from a prestigious overseas university, or holder of a doctorate degree from a Chinese university with overseas research experience. At least 3 years of consecutive research experience abroad is preferred.

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One of China’s most significant educational events is the annual iDEE (International Digital Education Event) held in Hangzhou city every autumn. 

The event brings together thousands of education authorities, principals, teachers and students from China and both visitors and exhibitors around the world to hear about the latest trends in digital education. In addition to Finland, international educational export companies from seven countries have been involved in the event.

The members of Finn-Sino Education Club will gain visibility on iDEE’s official website, where the companies can promote their own products and services, network with Chinese companies in the field, get support in finding suitable partners and investors, and get inside information about the Chinese education market and its needs. 

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